Discovery Knows No Bounds

Discovery knows no bounds

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is regenerative medicine?
Regenerative medicine assists the body’s own ability to heal. Cell and developmental biology, regenerative pharmacology and immunology, medicine and surgery, biotechnology, bioengineering, and other relevant fields, are brought together to develop ways to replace, restore, or regenerate damaged or malfunctioning cells, tissues, and organs to help people return to better health.
What kinds of grants are being offered?
We are offering grants for research, clinical trials, clinical care, educational programs, and businesses that promote, advance, improve, or enhance awareness of regenerative medicine.
When will the grants be released next?
Research Grant RFPs will be released on 9/11/2017, due on 10/16/2017, awards announced 1/8/2018.
Education, Biobusiness/Biotechnology, and Clinical Care RFPs will be released on 1/15/2018, due on 2/12/2018, awards announced 4/10/2018
Can I be put on your mailing list?
Yes! Sign up at:
Do I have to be in Minnesota to apply?
Yes. All grant funds must go to research, trials, businesses, and educational programs within the state of Minnesota.
How do I apply?
Download the RFPs for complete instructions on how to apply. Each RFP is accessible here.
How are the grants reviewed?

Regenerative Medicine Minnesota enlists world-renowned experts in science and medicine to thoroughly review grant proposals to ensure that the best and most promising applications are selected for funding. A list of grant reviewers for each year can be found here.

Reviewers use the nine-point NIH scale to review the grants, with one being the best score and 9 the lowest score. Reviewers are excluded from reviewing any grants with which they have declared a conflict of interest.