Rapidly Endothelialized Vascular Bypass Grafts From Autologous Adipose Microvessels

Grant Project Details:

Robert Tranquillo, PhD
University of Minnesota | Minneapolis , MN
In Process
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Grant Location

University of Minnesota
Minneapolis , MN

Grant Description

The project aims to develop and test a novel method to create replacement blood vessels that are rapidly seeded with cells derived from a simple liposuction from the patient. These cells include cells (pericytes) considered to be stem cells as well as the normal blood contacting (endothelial) cells. They should prevent blood clotting in the graft and thus reduce, if not eliminate, the need to treat the patient with blood thinners. The method should even be fast enough for urgent coronary artery bypass patients who need a bypass graft with a few days.

Grant Awardee Biography

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