Regenerative Medicine for the Durable Remission of HIV, Analytical Testing Infrastructure

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Maria Athanasiou, PhD
MarPam Pharma, LLC | St. Paul, MN
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MarPam Pharma, LLC
St. Paul, MN

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We are developing a one-time treatment for durable remission of HIV, after which patients will no longer need to take traditional antiretroviral medications. This treatment is a regenerative medicine therapy of autologous HIV-specific chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)-T cells that equips a patient's own T cells with the ability to seek out and destroy HIV-producing cells in a "hidden" viral reservoir located in B cell follicles, a hiding spot in the immune system where viral replication can occur unabated. Here, we propose to develop crucial infrastructure that will enable us to conduct analytical testing in-house in a GLP environment, rather than outsourcing out of state. We request matching funds for a flow cytometer and a qPCR machine to analyze CAR-T cells and to assess viral loads for an IND-enabling primate study to assess the safety and efficacy of our product.

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