The Mayo Clinic Career Awareness in Regenerative Medicine, Science, and Engineering Program

The goal of this proposal is to support the implementation of a one‐day career awareness program open to educators of Minnesota junior and senior high school students to provide awareness of careers in regenerative medicine and STEM. The 2019 program will focus on engineering, and specifically on how additive manufacturing (or 3D printing) is used to support tissue engineering, medical device development, and pre‐surgical planning.

Mayo Clinic
Mark Wehde, MS, MBA

Creating additional Activity Books for students in kindergarten and 5th and 6th grades

Innovators of the Future Activity Books are STEM‐based books for elementary school age students with special focus on Native American learners. Age and developmentally appropriate content are approached using culturally responsive visual and tactile learning methods. Appealing visual and tactile activities are made meaningful to Native American youth by incorporating Native American culture and language to creatively translate abstract science and mathematics concepts and promote wellness and science education and career exploration.

University of Minnesota Duluth
Anna Wirta Kosobuski, PhD

Graduate and postdoctoral training in regenerative T cell immunotherapy and CART cell therapy

The goals of this proposal are: 1) improve Minnesotan graduate (PhD, MD‐PhD) student and post‐doctoral trainee knowledge in the foundations of regenerative immunotherapy, and 2) interest Minnesotan graduate students and post‐doctoral trainees in careers related to regenerative immunotherapy and medicine.

Mayo Clinic
Rosalie Sterner, MD/PhD Candidate

Innovators of the Future: Community Based Science Program, Bois Forte Band of Chippewa

Encourage Native American youth to achieve high school graduation and pursue post-­secondary education in order to secure a future career in regenerative medicine-focused biomedical science, research or health profession. This will be accomplished by increasing confidence and comfort regarding science and math and increasing awareness of K-­6th grade Native American youth regarding advanced education and careers in biomedical science and research.

Nett Lake Elementary School
Anna Wirta Kosobuski