Education Program Grants Awarded

For the first five years, 2014-2019, RMM funded programs to educate, recruit and retain a regenerative medicine workforce in Minnesota.


See where grants have been awarded across Minnesota.
Misun Bormann
There is a shortage of healthcare professionals, especially among underrepresented groups. Employers need qualified workers and are particularly…
Kim Mueller
Like the rest of the nation, Minnesota has a shortage of healthcare workers. In 2014, the healthcare industry comprised 14 percent of the state’s…
Laura Savin, Melissa Cuff, Tracy Wilson
There is a shortage of healthcare workers in Minnesota and across the country, and the demand for skilled healthcare professionals will rise as the…
Stephanie J. Zojonc and Laura Schultz
During elementary school, children are socialized to believe various things about themselves and the world around them. If young people don’t…