Science from Scientists: In‐School Module‐Based STEM Enrichment Programs

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Jill Paule, BA
In Process
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Multiple Sites: 

Bryn Mawr Elementary School, Minneapolis

Career Pathways Charter School, St. Paul

Forest Lake Elementary School, Forest Lake

Hamline Elementary School, Saint Paul

Harvest Preparatory Charter School, Minneapolis

Ogema Elementary School, Waubun


Science from Scientists (SfS) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit specializing in during‐school STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) enrichment education for 3rd‐ through 8th‐graders with the ultimate goals of closing STEM achievement gaps in underserved and/or rural areas and substantially increasing the number of students pursuing STEM careers and trades.The main elements of the program are as follows: (1) sending the same two real, charismatic scientists into the same classrooms, during school, every other week for the entire academic year (~18 visits) to teach hands‐on, engaging STEM lessons aligned to national and state academic frameworks and chosen by teachers to enhance their curricula; and (2) tracking the program’s ability to measurably improve student attitudes and aptitudes in STEM by tracking student scores on state science assessments, administering pre‐ and post‐lesson quizzes, and collecting semiannual teacher and student surveys.

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image of Jill Paule, BA