Transcatheter regenerative tissue pulmonary valve

Grant Project Details:

Zeeshan Syedain, PhD
In Process
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Grant Description

The goal of this translational research project is to generate preclinical data and demonstrate regenerative engineered tissue as a superior tissue replacement over fixed pericardium for a pulmonary valve replacement in young patients.

Year 1 Progress Report:

The goal of this project is to develop transcatheter pulmonary heart valve with tissue material that can regenerate and maintain valve function. Current bioprosthetic valve degrade and calcify over time, a problem further exaggerated in younger patients. The grant had two aims, first to develop a transcatheter valve that has good valve function and durability. In year one, a prototype of the valve has been made with tissue that has mechanical properties comparable to current bioprosthetic valve tissue and valve function that demonstrated sufficient durability to proceed with aim 2. Aim 2 will be to demonstrate valve function and regeneration in animal model without calcification.

Grant Awardee Biography

image of Zeeshan Syedain, PhD